Here’s 5 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

If you’re looking for a natural way to increase your testosterone levels, then you’re certainly not alone. Regardless of whether you’re a keen bodybuilder or simply a guy who wants to fix a lagging sex drive, there’s no denying the incredible benefits that come from having higher testosterone levels. In this guide, we’re going to reveal 5 key strategies you can use to increase your testosterone levels naturally. With this in mind, let’s get straight to the facts.

1 – Lose weight

Handsome and muscular young guy running on a treadmill at the gym
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for guys losing their natural testosterone levels is from gaining weight. Unfortunately, guys who are predisposed for weight gain often have low testosterone levels to begin with, which only makes the situation worse.

However, by getting more exercise and following a calorie-controlled diet, you’ll soon be able to shed some of those excess pounds, and you’ll be delighted to discover the effect this has on your testosterone. In fact, many studies have shown that weight loss has a positive effect on a man’s testosterone levels, so it’s well worth making the effort.

2 – Take zinc supplements

Zinc is an essential mineral used in the production of testosterone, and studies have shown that when you restrict zinc in your diet, a testosterone drop is soon to follow.

With this in mind, it’s wise to consume foods that are high in zinc as often as possible. Alternatively, many guys prefer to take zinc supplements, and this is a great way to give you the added boost you need.

3 – Lift heavy weights
If your gym sessions are only limited to the cardio machines, then it’s time to change up your routine. Lifting heavy weights and following a basic strength training

routine is a fantastic way to boost your testosterone, and the effects happen surprisingly fast.

Within just a few weeks you’ll have a noticeable increase of testosterone, and you’ll soon feel the benefits in a wide range of ways.

4 – Get more vitamin D

Another crucial vitamin in the production of testosterone is vitamin D, and research has shown that more than half the population is deficient in vitamin D by at least a small margin. Vitamin D is synthesized by your body when you come into contact with sunlight, but it’s possible to top yourself up with vitamin D supplements – and this is certainly a great idea if you find your libido is dropping. You can also get this from spinach –

5 – Eat more healthy fats

If you’re avoiding healthy fats in your diet, then you could be killing your natural testosterone production. Studies have conclusively shown that fat-restricted diets have a negative impact on testosterone levels, and with the focus on ‘fat-free’ foods these days, it’s all too easy to sabotage your testosterone levels without even realizing.

The solution is to consume plenty of healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats – which are commonly found in nuts and avocados.


Overall, it’s clear to see that you can boost your testosterone naturally – often by cutting out the things that are merely putting the brakes on your natural testosterone production to begin with. Ultimately, if you take the time to implement each strategy listed in this guide, you’ll be sure to notice the improvement in no time at all.

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